Fort Wayne, IN (October 14, 2022)— Three Rivers Ambulance Authority (“TRAA”) has reached an 80% compliance on Priority 1 calls for the month of September. This is the first month since April of 2021 that response time has been at the 80% level, and a 7% increase over the prior month.

To be considered compliant, TRAA must arrive on the scene of a Priority 1 call 90% of the time within 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Priority 1 runs are high acuity runs including strokes, heart attacks, difficulty breathing, and major trauma.

TRAA also saw the fewest number of County Aid requests since June of 2021.

Executive Director Joel Benz said “Some of the changes we are implementing are already having an effect, thanks in large part to the hard-working Paramedics and EMTs within our organization. Statistically, this was our best month in a year and a half. We still have many challenges ahead of us as an organization, but I believe we are taking steps in the right direction.”

TRAA assumed operations from their Contractor, Paramedics Logistics Indiana, LLC. (“PLI”), September 1, 2022, retaining nearly all the current employees. TRAA provides Paramedic coverage to Fort Wayne and parts of Allen County.