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TRAA’s LifeCare membership program helps YOU control your out-of-pocket ambulance costs, not paid for by your insurance.  As a LifeCare member, you could save hundreds of dollars in payments for ambulance service that you would otherwise have to pay out of your pocket. 

Lifecare helps put you back in control of your healthcare costs.


LifeCare is a membership program not insurance. As a membership program, LifeCare lets you have control over how much you have to pay out of your pocket for your local participating ambulance service whether you have insurance or not.

LifeCare doesn’t pay your bill like insurance, but guarantees that you pay less out of your own pocket for medically necessary emergency or non-emergency ambulance service than if you were not a LifeCare member.

As a LifeCare member, TRAA or the participating township ambulance service will bill your insurance for you and accept what your insurance pays as payment in full. You owe no balance out of your pocket (see the Membership Agreement for complete terms). Make sure you review the complete Membership Agreement Terms for exceptions and specific requirements.

If you have no insurance, LifeCare can save you hundreds of dollars in your out-of-pocket costs by giving you a 40% membership credit. That membership credit can be worth $500.00 or more on emergency transports! 

Live outside the Fort Wayne city limits?

Some township ambulance services in Allen County offer basic life support only. TRAA’s ALS ambulances often respond with your township BLS unit to provide advanced assessments and care that your township ambulance cannot provide. Two ambulances to help you means two bills, and Medicare will only pay one! As a LifeCare member, you don’t need to worry. LifeCare will help you cover BOTH bills.

LifeCare provides all of this for only $75 per year per household. That’s a small price for your financial peace of mind.

LifeCare is only available to most residents of Allen County and has a limited enrollment period. Open enrollment begins in October of each year. Watch this page for an enrollment application during the enrollment period.

NOTE: Currently, New Haven’s East Central Fire EMS IS NOT a participating provider and will not honor LifeCare. TRAA does NOT honor their membership program.

Residents of New Haven, areas of Adams Township that are outside of the City of Fort Wayne, Scipio, Milan, Maumee, Jackson and Jefferson Townships are eligible to purchase LifeCare for coverage when working, shopping or traveling in areas covered by TRAA. Click here for more information

Residents of a small portion of Eel River Township are NOT eligible for LifeCare membership.

Want more information on what LifeCare has to offer and the full details of coverage? Just click on the link on this page, or call (260) 422-9172 for more information.

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Want to see the specifics? View the complete Membership Agreement for full terms and details.

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