For Release:  17:00

Contact: Joel Benz Executive Director

Fort Wayne—Three Rivers Ambulance Authority Board of Directors voted to find their contractor, Paramedics Logistics in major default of their contract. This vote taken today by the Board triggers a thirty-day time period for the organization to resolve their non-compliance.

“We have been very careful over the last few months to not cause a situation where patient care is compromised and have been working with the contractor to maintain coverage while seeking resolution.” said Joel Benz, Executive Director.

Paramedics Logistics is the entity contracted by TRAA since 2009 to provide Paramedic and EMT personnel and handle daily operations. Their response times have been non-compliant for twenty straight months. During 2022 they have averaged Priority 1 compliance of 72.75%, far below the required standard of 90%. Priority 1 runs are high acuity runs including strokes, heart attacks, difficulty breathing, and major trauma. They require having an ambulance on scene within 8 ½ minutes. Paramedics Logistics has also required assistance more than 1,000 times this year alone from outside organizations to provide emergency coverage for our community.

The TRAA Board of Directors has been steadily working toward a long-term solution of the issue. In absence of immediate resolution of ongoing issues, this signals the Board’s intent to take over daily operation from Paramedics Logistics through a methodical transition of operation without detrimental impact to our patient’s care. TRAA has already been the driver of internal change utilizing data, with measurable outcomes to make major operational changes. These changes have included moving to a tiered system and implementing chase vehicles. Providing direct oversight of operations would allow the Authority to more quickly resolve the compliancy issue while providing for the long-term sustainability of TRAA.

 “Our community deserves the absolute best from Three Rivers Ambulance Authority,” said Rachel Guin, President of the TRAA Board of Directors. “This step creates a direct path toward better and more reliable service. We owe it to our community to create a long-term solution that improves public safety, provides more accountability, and resolves the issues that put us in this position.”